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About Taif Properties & Real Estate

Taif Properties is a leader in real estate in the Gulf, with more than three decades of experience in Oman. Possessing a wealth of understanding of client needs makes us the leading purchase and rental real estate company in Muscat. Our team of professionals is equipped and available to serve both vendor and purchasers alike.

Why Choose Us

Due to our unique approach, Taif Properties makes finding the property that is perfect for you easier than ever. We have an extensive portfolio of vendors and land lords looking for the perfect tenant. We ensure we keep abreast of market trends, community information and the word on the street to enable buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords are fully appraised and acting on the most current and accurate information.

Get in Touch

If you are looking for your dream home, or the low-down on the next investment, Taif Properties are your go to partner, for the discerning customer, from Khasab to Muscat to Salalah.